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Wadi Ibn Hammad, nearly 2 hours south of Amman is located 285 meters below sea level. The place is a tourist spot recognized by the local government, but fortunately or unfortunately, not widely known and visited. The low frequency of people makes the site remains cleaner and well preserved. The hike is considered easy and can be done in around two hours. Along the way breathtaking landscapes: hot springs, waterfalls, a variety of plants and rocks striking shapes. Its beauty lies in its warm springs. The canyons sediment on the top creates a tunnel canyon where the springs rain on your head. The walls of the canyon are painted with natural colors from to the minerals that the water contains. Impressive. Maybe that’s the best word to describe Wadi Ibn Hammad. A place worth to be visited, explored and discovered. And because it is easy to access, it is recommended for the whole family.

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